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ATLAS GMT Network Monitoring and Management Software

AtlasGMT Network Monitoring and Management Product is one of the most important needs in order to ensure business continuity, network security, and risk and performance in the infrastructure, as well as a requirement of the ISO27001 standard. Overseas products that offer products in this field are difficult to install and use and very expensive software.

However, ATLASGMT Network Monitoring and Management Product, which is the equivalent of these products, stands out as a 100% domestic product with an advanced, comprehensive and accessible price. It is preferred by many institutions due to its functions and price as well as its domesticity.

In addition, thanks to the support team that can be contacted directly at the point of need, we provide you with instant feedback when you have any problems or need information.

You can also try our AtlasGMT product in your own environment and see this difference with your real data.

Monitor, Manage, Analyze and Report

Monitor the detailed real-time and past performance e.g. bandwith, saturation, disconnection, drop, packet loss of all network devices (router, hub, switch, firewall, hotspot, wlan controller) and interfaces (vlan or ethernet)

Delve into dynamic traffic info over Netflow, Sflow, IPFIX and get notified of “DDOS attacks” and “access to blocked ip”

Track realtime users’ in/out network transactions and sessions with full mac, ip and username info

Stay in full control over network through authomatic sms and e-mail alerts and produce to-the-point admin reports

Change or manage the configuration of all/selected network devices all “at once” with one-click (authomatic back-up, write-mem, restore/reload, interface shut/noshut, pass-date change and many other configuration change)