Product Features

Easy Installation

While other monitoring tools necessitates many installation requirements and external licensing, you can begin monitoring your network in just a few minutes with the NMP OVF image.

Central Monitor over Distributed Networks

Get detailed interface information such as accessibility, port status, traffic size, error-drop, multicast and broadcast of network devices either in local or in wide area, and control hardware status like processor, memory and temperature.

Central Management

With one-click, configure all network devices; back up device configs and easily perform all administrative functions with a scheduler.

Flow Analyzer

With Netflow and Sflow technologies, monitor and get reported about all the traffic within network in detail. Monitor real-time with advanced monitoring rules based on MAC, IP Address, Network, Protocol and Port.

DDOS Analyzer

With flow analysis, investigate possible DOS attacks on your servers and create security policies against possible attack threats.

Network Discovery

Analyze the correlation of devices in your network with each other and detect erroneous connections instantly.


Access to all network devices over a single user, centrally manage passwords, set Access policies, and view access records and times by network devices.


Create real-time or historical reports with advanced graphical tools, and create custom reports for your analysis with powerful images.


Customize alarm/notifications over custom rules, and stay updated on developments in your network via SMS or e-mail.

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